Building a strong foundation for your real estate assets



Individual insight and a wealth of information regarding your property. Our client portal is the ideal tool for easy navigation.

Transparency is our aim – also access databases and reports online

Via a password-protected client portal, you have access to all of the relevant reports and operations of your real estate portfolio. Our portal has developed into a useful tool that many of our customers will appreciate. This portal gives you electronic access to the databases so that you can always stay up to date on the latest developments. As such, you know about every step.

Conveniently accessible from anywhere – you control the processes

The client portal enables you to gain constantly updated and individual insight into the property data at any time and from any place. This allows for digital communication with our employees and consultants. As such, we can work on the successful development of your property in a timely, transparent and efficient manner and promptly realise your requests.

Your client portal registration

Click on the link below and enter your username and the associated password in the login box. If you put a check next “Remember Me,” you will stay logged in for subsequent sessions. If you have entered all of your data, click on “Log in”. Then, you will be given access to the Ernst G. Hachmann GmbH client portal. If you have questions about the navigation, please contact us at any time.

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