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We promote the expertise of our employees through regular trainings and keep all aspects of their residential property knowledge up to date.

  • Your local agent will coordinate all aspects of your homeowners’ association.
  • Inventory taking before over your homeowners’ association (inspections together with the Advisory Board)
  • Inspections together with the Advisory Board prior to convening the annual owners’ meetings allow for the joint preparation of owners’ meetings and ensure the participation of all owners in advance
  • Support of our construction engineer/ architect with larger maintenance measures, including annual technical inspections and the creation of maintenance plans
  • Appraisal and execution of modernisation and reorganisation measures in consultation with the homeowners’ association
  • Creation of business, housing benefit and heating costs plans
  • If necessary, conducting additional owners’ meetings and circular resolutions
  • Legally compliant preparation of decisions and their logging
  • Monitoring of housing allowance payments including dunning and payment and recording of the on-going community expenditures, management of bank accounts and reserve accounts
  • Support for the judicial enforcement of claims of the community against third parties
  • Reviewing and monitoring the necessary insurance contracts and settlement of insurance claims

For your investment properties, we are happy to take over the tenant services in the context of commonhold property management (CPM):

  • We support you in regards to new leases, we find tenants for your property and close the rental agreement
  • Correspondence with your tenants, including the recording of defects regarding your private property and carrying out all necessary small maintenance measures – on request, only in consultation with the client
  • Maintaining a bank account for the rental income and the management of revenue and expenditure including creating a monthly billing for the client
  • Monitoring of rental revenues including dunning
  • Appraisal and execution of legal rent increases
  • Creation of operating and heating costs bill for the tenant
  • We take over the handling of lease terminations, whether it be a termination by the client or receipt of the termination notice by the tenant
  • We take care of a proper return of the leased property including inspections and enforcement of claims regarding the implementation of cosmetic repairs
  • We inform the client regarding all important matters in connection with the his property and the tenant services
  • Support for active and passive processes with the tenant including litigation support in collaboration with renowned law firms in the field of tenancy law

Owners Portals:

  • Owners portals for quick access to important homeowners’ association documents (division declaration, protocols of owners’ meetings, contact information for the Advisory Board, telephone numbers of major service/ emergency service companies (heating, caretaker, etc.))
  • Overview of upcoming events (inspections, owners’ meetings)
  • Documents in the owners portal can be adapted and supplemented at the request of the owners’ association at any time

Challenge us:

Let us make you an individual offer for your property. Our staff are always available for a personal conversation – even locally – and will gladly advise you.