Building a strong foundation for your real estate assets


Is sustainability just a trend or also an issue for the real estate industry?
We are clearly committed to the latter.


Promoting and ensuring sustainability in all areas of the real estate industry requires the joint efforts of owners and management. The topic of sustainability is extensive, multifaceted and not always easy to implement. As a value-oriented company, Ernst G. Hachmann GmbH takes responsibility.
Yes, investments are necessary. These pay off in the long term both in terms of sustainability and in terms of the value of the property.

Sustainability in the care and management of real estate should and will always be a companion, as science and legal requirements for environmental protection are constantly creating new framework conditions. These are implemented in our daily work. After all, sustainability is not a topic from modern times, but has become increasingly important with modernisation, automation and economic and population growth.

Our own implementation

But what does that mean in concrete terms? Let’s start within our own “4 walls”, in our offices in Berlin, Hamburg, Magdeburg and Halle. Here it is the small things that have a big impact in the long term, such as

  • Switching all light sources to LED,
  • switching to energy-saving office technology with automatic switch-off, and using all-in-one printers with scan and fax functions,
  • Equipping office kitchens with efficient appliances,
  • Installing programmable heating thermostats in the offices to save energy after work and at weekends,
  • Merging offices and expanding home office options,
  • Expanding digitalisation and introducing tools on the way to a paperless office,
  • Transforming supply chains to eliminate packaging.

Sustainability and real estate

Major investments in sustainability do not bring immediate visible results. Nevertheless, voluntary investments also lead to economic success sooner or later.

Core tasks are:

  • Switch to green electricity,
  • Converting all light sources to LED,
  • horticulture and planting projects in the in-house gardens,
  • efficient heating system with night setback mode,
  • Ensuring inspection and maintenance intervals to maintain optimal operational stability and value retention,
  • Paying attention to sustainable materials in modernisation and renovation work.

In order to meet the challenge of sustainability, it is of great importance that we work together in a spirit of trust and respect between us and the owners.
Come to us, let us shape the future of your properties together in a sustainable and economically successful way.