Building a strong foundation for your real estate assets


Hachmann WEG Verwaltung GmbH is specialised in the management of residential properties and competently and confidently supports you when it comes to the value preservation and appreciation of your real estate assets. Together with our long-established parent company, Ernst G. Hachmann GmbH, we can look back on almost one hundred years of successful corporate history. We stand for professional and sustainable real estate and residential property management that combines traditional Hanseatic values ​​with innovative management and only has one goal: the satisfaction and trust of our customers.

Our team, which consists of our managing directors and a total of 25 employees, ensures that your property will be managed reliably and economically. We deal with the numerous rights, obligations and responsibilities of the Homeownership Act on a daily basis and are aware of all currently applicable legal jurisdictions. To seriously and trustfully advise you in all matters concerning your home ownership is our daily task.

Owners’ associations are made up of owners with different interests. Our task is to harmonise these individual needs so as to find meaningful and sustainable solutions for all parties. Of course, we are there for you at all times and carry out regular property inspections and checks. We will personally advise you about our comprehensive service portfolio.

Our daily motivation is your trust. Because trust is irreplaceable.